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Agrishow Brazil 2020: Thermal management solutions provide perfect climate in off-highway vehicles

30 March 2020: Organiser cancels trade fair

– Pleasant temperatures in off-highway vehicles during long working days

– Prevention of dust particles and pollutants in the cabin air

– Air-conditioning systems for every application

Esslingen / Ribeirão Preto (Brazil), 20 February 2020 – To make sure drivers of tractors, combine harvesters etc. can focus on their work even in extreme heat on long working days, optimal climate and airflow in the driver’s cab is essential. The experts of the Eberspaecher Group offer reliable thermal management solutions for comfort and safety in off-highway vehicles. The company will present their comprehensive product range at the Agrishow Brazil 2020. From 27 April to 1 May visitors to Stand G14d will find products such as the new pre-assembled evaporator system KAB for comfortable climate or the K Protec for a pollutant-free air in driver’s cabs of all sizes as well as the broad portfolio of air-conditioning systems.

Eberspaecher offers climate control solutions to meet almost every application requirement. With the KAB, Eberspaecher presents a new pre-assembled evaporator system that integrates air distribution and manual operating elements. It can be easily installed in the cab roof. KAB is also available as a combined HVAC version for heating, ventilation and cooling. No matter the size of the cab: One of the over ten system variants ensures a comfortable climate. The KAB has also been adapted to the needs of battery electric vehicles. In this case, the cabin is heated by PTC elements.

Various air-conditioning systems – also for stationary vehicles
The broad portfolio of air-conditioning systems includes cooling solutions for every demand and application. The evaporator unit HK EVO4 Kombi mounted in the cabin roof is especially suitable for harsh environments or very hot temperatures. The very thin ceiling air conditioner with a cooling power of 8.6 kW is designed for large cabins. The electrical compressor Stop & Kool allows the air-conditioning system to remain operable even when the engine is stopped – for example while the driver is taking a break. The compressor is connected to the vehicle’s original air-conditioning system and replaces the motor-driven compressor. Stop & Kool is suitable for a wide range of applications, like agricultural vehicles or handling equipment. Eberspaecher also offers cabin pressurization systems, like the K Protec: A filter system and an overpressure generated in the driver’s cab prevent pollutants and dust from entering.

Warm cabin and engine with fuel operated heating solutions
Engine-independent air and water heaters provide a comfortable temperature in the driver´s cab during the working day – both before and while driving as well as during break-times. The robust and compact Airtronic 2 air heater can be installed in tight spaces, impressing with its low energy consumption and very fast cab heating capability. If in addition to the cabin also the engine needs to be (pre-)heated, water heaters like the Eberspaecher Hydronic S3 Economy (12 V) and Commercial (24 V) are optimal solutions. The heating systems convince with low fuel consumption and a service life of up to 5,000 hours depending on the version. Eberspaecher heating systems can easily be controlled by different operating elements, such as EasyStart Pro.


Global Media Contact:
Anja Kaufer
Head of Corporate Communications
Eberspächer Group
Phone: +49 711 939-0250




About Eberspaecher:
With approximately 10,000 employees at 80 locations worldwide, the Eberspaecher Group is one of the automotive industry’s leading system developers and suppliers. The family business, headquartered in Esslingen am Neckar, stands for innovative solutions in exhaust technology, automotive electronics and thermal management for a broad range of vehicle types. Eberspaecher components and systems provide more comfort, greater safety and a cleaner environment on or off the road. In 2018, the Group generated revenue of around 4.6 billion euros.



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Agrishow Brazil 2020: Thermal management solutions provide perfect climate in off-highway vehicles
Optimal climate in the driver’s cab of agricultural machinery with one of over ten system variants of the Eberspaecher KAB.
Agrishow Brazil 2020: Thermal management solutions provide perfect climate in off-highway vehicles
The evaporator unit HK EVO4 Kombi is mounted in the cabin roof.
Agrishow Brazil 2020: Thermal management solutions provide perfect climate in off-highway vehicles
The air heater Eberspaecher Airtronic 2 (pre-)heats the cab to a comfortable temperature.